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$162 Trillion Market

$162 Trillion of property transactions are made globally every year. Imagine the potential for disruption!


Fees. Delays. Paperwork. NO!

We will make buying and selling property quick and painless. There are too many unnecessary steps now that we will overhaul.


EstateX Token Holders

Holding our tokens privileges you to share in the profits of property sales and rent. We will charge a small fee of 0.5% of the value of the property sold and distribute it out to all token holders.


Proof of Ownership

We use blockchain technology to prove that your house belongs to you. Whether freehold or leasehold.


A decentralised platform to buy, sell and rent property all over the world.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contract technology.

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Your home is the most important thing that you will rent or own.

Yet the process of buying, selling and renting has far too much friction and is overly costly. It has turned into one of the most stressful moments that no one looks forward to. We are working on a solution to simplify this process such that it becomes cheaper, faster and hassle-free.

What’s our Solution?


Our preliminary analysis suggests that the primary hurdle to overcome is the legal one. Many real estate agents understand the need to overhaul the system and we are partnering with numerous agencies around the world to trial our solution.

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EstateX Tokens

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