Disrupt the Housing Market

What is EstateX?

EstateX is a new decentralised platform to buy, sell and rent property all over the world. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contract technology. Click here to find out more about our technology.


How does EstateX relate to Ethereum or Bitcoin?

EstateX technology is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contract technology is used to create a decentralised and automated platform for anyone to prove ownership of their house and property. On this platform, you are able to easily sell your property directly on the blockchain itself. Find out more about the technology here. There are many more exciting things to come and we believe that this has a tremendous potential for disrupting the entire global housing market.


What is the benefit of holding EstateX tokens?

Commission generated from rent and sales of property will be shared out amongst all token holders, proportionate to the amount of tokens that they hold. We believe that all tokens should have an intrinsic value proposition (i.e. a way of generating demand) and we thus have a fair and generous payout structure. Per sale there will be a small 0.5% commission on the value of the property, and given the large value of properties in general, the total payout will be big.


How do I acquire EstateX tokens?

We will officially sell EstateX tokens during our ICO. EstateX tokens will all be generated during this period, where everyone will have a chance to buy some. Early Investors will be given the most favourable rates of Token per ETH. If you are interested in being an Early Investor, please click here.


When will the EstateX fundraiser take place?

We plan on holding our ICO at the start of 2018. Please join our mailing list to be the first to know the full details.


What is the name of the token?

As of now, they are referred to as simply EstateX Tokens. Their ticker symbol will be STX.


How can I check how many EstateX Tokens I have?

This is not possible yet but will be soon. Please join our mailing list (above) to stay updated.


When will EstateX Tokens (STX) be listed on exchanges?

There is no exact timeline yet for STX to become listed. We will strive to get STX listed onto exchanges as soon as possible after the ICO. If you are anxious about exchange listing dates, we suggest that you do not contribute to the fundraiser and wait until such a listing happens.


Is the fundraiser capped?

We plan on distributing out 400,000,000 STX tokens.