How To Send Ether Using MyEtherWallet

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The following steps detail how to send Ethereum transactions using the online wallet MyEtherWallet.



Create a MyEtherWallet and fund it with your desired Ether amount that you’d like to contribute.



1. Login to MyEtherWallet and choose “Send Ether & Tokens” from the Top Bar

Unlock your wallet from the options given.


2. Go to the “To Address” field and type in the contract address or the direct ETH address that you are getting from

Always make sure that if you are using the contract address as shown in the picture to re-check that you have the correct “Send to” address.


3. Next insert the amount you would like to contribute.


You do not need to add or do anything under “+Advanced: Add Data”


4. Before you click “Generate Transaction” check your Gas Price (Gwei) at the top of the page.


5. When you have checked everything, click on “Generate Transaction”


6. Click “Send Transaction”


8. You will have to re-confirm to send this transaction.


9. Check your transaction with your “From Address” or Transaction ID (TxHash) (you will see at the bottom of the page) on to make sure it went through.


Congratulations! You have sent your transaction!