Disrupt the Housing Market

EstateX tokens are secured on the Ethereum blockchain and will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets. Technically speaking, it implements the ERC20 token standard. Anyone can own, buy or sell them instantly and seamlessly.

EstateX is making the purchase and rent of all types of property simpler and cheaper. We charge a small fee per house sale (0.5%) and this is shared out to token holders. In other words, EstateX token holders are rewarded with the commission from house sales. This is where the intrinsic demand for our tokens arises. Find out how to own these tokens here.


Rewards Calculator

The housing market is humongous and every year trillions of dollars worth of sales are made. We have a huge value proposition and even in the worst case scenario where we take a small share of the market,  token holders will be rewarded extremely generously. We do not believe that any opportunity like this currently exists.

You can use this helpful interactive calculator to estimate how much reward you will receive based on how fast we grow and how much of the market we tap into.


Your dividends alone will pay you back at the break-even point! The market value of your STX tokens will also go up over time as more dividends are distributed out, and demand increases. The dividends will continue past the 5 year mark, by which point we will have processed property transactions in most countries of the world.

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Above we have assumed that we will process $50m of sales in the first year (2018), which is roughly 200 moderately priced houses in well-developed countries. This is a conservative figure and we are optimistic about beating it once we start on-boarding more and more estate agents.

We also assume that we will hit our funding target and distribute out a total of 400,000,000 STX tokens.